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Court Injunction Bans Publishing On Twitter And Facebook

According to new reports, a high court judge ruled in favour of a proposed injunction that will prevent information from being published in social media platforms Facebook and Twitter.

The ruling came out in the Court of Protection, where a mother pledged for the mercy killing of her severely brain damaged daughter. The hearing prevents the names and details of the woman, her relatives as well as the well wishers from being published in the public.

The ruling issued by Justice Baker is believed to be of far-reaching nature as it has enforced a strict ban on publishing information on family divisions and other family related matters on social networking sites, especially in Facebook and Twitter, as well as in other media.

Earlier, before the hearing of this particular case, the ban was only applicable for Electronic and print media, with social networking platforms left totally untouched.

However, according to experts, the enforcement of this new law is likely to face some technical difficulties as both Facebook and Twitters are based in the US and outside the jurisdiction of UK courts.

Expressing his point of view on the issue, John Hemming, the Liberal Democrat MP said in a statement, "They are like King Canute, the tide will keep coming in no matter what they do. The problem the courts have is Twitter is not registered in the UK and is therefore outside British jurisdiction.”