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Dixons Retail Announces Excellent iPad 2 Sales And New Megastores

Dixons Retail, which owns the Currys and PC World chains, announced that the iPad 2 had generated huge sales in the UK although the group had experienced a drop in revenue overall.

Consumers have slowed up purchasing high price items because of the current economic situation though Dixon’s has managed to outrun its major rival Comet.

John Browett, Dixons' chief executive, said that they had full stocks of iPad 2, which sells for £399, last Friday, but by Sunday their iPad 2 stocks had just about run dry.

Dixons currently has 25 UK megastores and they are planning to open another 20 such stores before Christmas. Most of these Currys megastores are two-in-one outlets with PC World.

The group has 60 megastores in Europe which report £20 million annual sales on average. Dixons has had a 2% sales drop in 2011 but they compensated for the loss with their Nordic stores which have seen a 9% sales growth. Dixons Retail expects to generate an £85 million profit before taxes are applied.

Despite unstable consumer behaviour in Europe, Mr. Browett hopes to see better trading levels in the UK towards the end of 2011. He explained that by the end of 2011 or the beginning of 2012, people would become confident that they have stable jobs and would start to purchase again.

Radu Tyrsina
Radu Tyrsina

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