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Facebook Allows Users To Tag Pages And Brand Names

Facebook has updated its platform so that users can tag pictures with pages and brand s in addition to names.

In addition to allowing users to tag brand Pages, they will also be able to tag pages belonging to celebrities or public figures, pages that Facebook calls People, ZDNet reports.

According to the company, the tagged photos will appear on Photos tab of a Facebook Page. Anyone, even those who have not ‘liked’ the photo, will be able to tag brands page in their photos.

“A Page can be tagged anywhere that someone can view a photo in the photo viewer. These photos will appear on the Photos tab on the Page, and not on the Wall. In addition, a Page can be tagged by anyone on Facebook, not just people who have Liked your Page,” the company explained.

Facebook Page admins will also be able to remove the tagged photos from the Photos tab of a Page by unchecking the ‘Users can add photos’ options from Posting Options available on Edit Page section.

The company has also taken care to honor users’ privacy settings when they tag a particular brand in their photos. If users have selected the ‘Only Friends’ privacy option then only their friends will be able to see photos with a brand tagged in it.