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Facebook Includes New Security Measures Against Malware

Facebook has introduced new security measures meant to protect users from malware attacks.

According to the company, the new security measures are designed to warn people about malicious links that circulate on the platform from time to time and prevent hackers from stealing their account information, The Independent reports.

The platform has been updated with a security tool that would warn people when they are about click on a malicious link. These rogue links are at the core of clickjacking and cross-scripting attacks that lure people by posing as links to an interesting article or funny or shocking video.

These links leverage the vulnerability found in web browsers and the company is currently working with major web browser vendors to patch the holes.

In order to block clickkjacking attacks, the platform will ask users to confirm their ‘likes’ before posting the shared link on their profile and friends’ news feed. Cross scripting attacks will be prevented by asking users to confirm their actions.

The company is also adding two factor authentication, dubbed as ‘Login Approvals’, which will require users to enter a special code when they log in to their accounts from an unknown device.