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Google Chromebook To Come With 3GB Data From Three

As expected, UK buyers of the Google Chomebook will get a much bigger data allowance package compared to their US counterparts, according to a newly added Google UK Chromebook page.

The document shows that all Chromebooks with a built-in 3G modem will come with a free SIM card with 3GB worth of data allowance that must be used within the first three months, and provided by mobile phone operator Three.

You will need to activate your 3G service first and Three hasn't put any limit on the amount of data that you can use on a daily basis, which means that you can use the whole allowance within the first 24 hours if needed.

Other data plans include a 500MB data pass for £2.99 per day, an additional 1GB of data for £10, 3Gb for £15 and 7GB for £25 per month. Each of these lasts only 30 days and does not require a long term contract.

That's poor value though given that you can have a SIM loaded with 12GB that lasts up to 12 months for £51.49 from Three online. Three also has an iPad data plan with an inclusive allowance of 10GB for £15 per month with a one month contract, and if you're ready to commit for 24 months, you can get 15GB inclusive data for £15.99.

The 3GB preloaded SIM from 3 Mobile is worth a tenner online (from Ebay) and is a small price to pay to get such a broad coverage and a brand association with one of the most respected names in the tech market.