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Half Of Apple Users Agree To Share Personal Data

Around 50 percent of the consumers subscribing to magazine subscriptions on the iPad, allow Apple to share their personal information with the publisher.

According to an article on Forbes, this is the main reason that publishers have suddenly started to accept the terms and conditions set by Apple.

When users subscribe to a magazine or a publication, they are greeted with a dialogue box which asks them if it is ok for Apple to share some of their personal information with the publishers.

Most publishers had expected that users would automatically click no, but to their surprise, around 50 percent of the subscribers were willing to let Apple share their information with the publishers.

Apple’s vice president for internet services, Eddy Cue confirmed that more and more users were allowing Apple to share information with the publisher. This has changed the entire landscape, with more publishers willing to use an opt-in strategy now that it looks viable.

This also apparently means that Apple users trust the company and its partners to secure their data, or that customers believe the added-value of personalised services outweighs the risk of privacy violations.