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Juniper Report Reveals 400 pc Rise In Android Malware

A new mobile security report has revealed that malware on Android platform has grown by 400 percent from summer of 2010.

According to the ‘Malicious Mobile Threats Report 2010/2011’ released by Juniper Networks, as Google’s Android Market grows in size and popularity hackers are targeting the platform with malware.

Google’s open ended approach to Android has not only caused severe fragmentation, it has also resulted in several third party stores for Android apps that are targeted by hackers to serve malware apps to unsuspecting users.

The report revealed that around 17 percent of the Android malware tracked by it were SMS Trojans that sent text messages to premium numbers. Application download was the single largest distribution point for malware on the Android platform.

The company believes that hackers are taking advantage of a majority of Android users who are unaware of the threats they face and are ready to download Android apps from untrusted sources without giving it a second thought.

“All the old software security issues are still there, with added challenges from centralized application marketplaces and instant software delivery. Most security in the future will effectively be "mobile security" because most computing will be mobile computing,” Andreas Antonopoulos, senior vice president and founding partner with Nemertes Research, said in a statement.