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Microsoft Will Update Its CRM Software More Often

Microsoft is likely to speed up the pace at which it updates it’s customer relationship management (CRM) software, a new report revealed.

The report revealed the info with inputs taken from the company’s new "statement of direction" document.

Analysts believe the new approach may be the product of an increasingly competitive market where rivals such as introduce their software updates much more frequently, PC World reports.

"Traditionally, major CRM product versions have been delivered in 2-3 year development cycles over multiple milestones," report read.

"Moving forward, new capabilities for Microsoft Dynamics CRM (both Online and On-premises) will be delivered approximately twice yearly with releases targeted for Spring (Q2) and Fall (Q4) of each calendar year," it added.

The document also stated that the new approach will enable customers to enforce optional features for numerous versions via the Dynamics Marketplace.

Both Microsoft and are fighting hard to pocket more key deals with leading corporations.

Customer relationship management software is usually seen as an easy sale compared to other products as it is much less complicated and can give an obvious boost to a company's bottom line.