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Noon News: Apple Plans Camera And Games On iPod Nano, Xbox 360 Update, iPad Magazine Subscriptions

Apple is planning to include a camera and games in the minuscule iPod Nano, making it more than just a dedicated music player. According to an article on Apple Insider, an Apple patent titled ‘Environment Sensitive Display Tag’ published by the US Patent and Trademark Office indicates that the company is planning to add new sensors for a camera and new software features.

A new leak from within Microsoft has revealed that the upcoming Xbox 360 system update is likely to be unveiled sometime this month. The leak also revealed that the system update will be compatible with the new disc format XGD3. The revelation was made by Joystiq and it stated that the new disc format will bring along with it a 15% increase in the storage capacity, as well as a series of enhanced privacy protection measures.

UK telecom regulatory board OfCom has revealed that the introduction of 4G networks may eventually lead to almost 200 percent capacity gains for customers. According to Ofcom, the 4G networks, scheduled to be unveiled somewhere during 2013 all across the country, will ensure 200% better performance in terms of bandwidth than the 3G network, The Telegraph reports.

Around 50 percent of the consumers subscribing to magazine subscriptions on the iPad, allow Apple to share their personal information with the publisher. According to an article on Forbes, this is the main reason that publishers have suddenly started to accept the terms and conditions set by Apple.

New research claims that the steadily declining population of honeybees may have resulted from mobile phone signals. The research, carried out by Dr. Daniel Farve, says that signals from mobile phones and masts could lead to erratic behaviour amongst bees, sometimes even killing them. Dr. Farve placed a mobile phone close to a bee-hive as a part of the experiment, probably the first of its kind, and carefully observed for any potential effect of its presence on the bees.

Ravi Mandalia
Ravi Mandalia

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