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Research Claims Link Between Mobile Phone Use And Bee Colony Collapse

New research claims that the steadily declining population of honeybees may have resulted from mobile phone signals.

The research, carried out by Dr. Daniel Farve, says that signals from mobile phones and masts could lead to erratic behaviour amongst bees, sometimes even killing them.

Dr. Farve placed a mobile phone close to a bee-hive as a part of the experiment, probably the first of its kind, and carefully observed for any potential effect of its presence on the bees.

Farve says that whenever the phone was receiving or making calls, the behaviour of the bees changed significantly and they responded by making lots of noise as if they were swarming.

However, they calmed down within a couple of minutes after the calls were ended.

"One hypothesis is that electromagnetic fields could be contributing to the disappearance of bee colonies around the world," said Farve, The Daily Mail reports.

Norman Carreck, a British bee expert said, “It's an interesting study but it doesn't prove that mobile phones are responsible for colony collapse disorder. If you physically knock a hive, or open one up to examine it, it has the same result.”