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Retailers Trying To Lure Disgruntled PSN Users With Xbox 360 Deals

It might just be a mere coincidence, but a few deals have emerged that point to an even more aggressive pricing strategy to lure Sony users angered and disappointed by the Playstation Network security breach and subsequent downtime that's likely to last until the end of the month.

Amazon is selling a bundle comprising of the Xbox 360 gaming console (250GB), Kinect Sensor and Kinect Adventures for £220 down from £300; curiously, that's even cheaper, by around £20, than the 4GB version on sale at Amazon.

What's more, Amazon is proposing a selected list of games and annual Xbox LIVE Gold Membership for £15 (the latter costs £30 at Amazon), which in the case of games like Fight Night Champion or NFS Hot Pursuit, allows you to save more than half the cost of the game.

The latest price cut means that the Xbox 360 with Kinect is almost as cheap as the Sony Playstation 3 gaming console on its own. The current Xbox 360 gaming console was launched last year and comes with upgraded hardware including a smaller chipset that runs cooler, built-in Wi-Fi, a 250GB hard disk drive and more ports including five USB ones.

As for the Kinect, the Xbox's motion controller, it has proved to be a hotter-than-expected peripheral for the Microsoft console, becoming one of the fastest selling pieces of technology ever.