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Samsung's New 2560x1600 Display, Pushing Apple To Retina Display In iPad 3?

Samsung will present their new 10.1-inch display during the SID Display Week 2011 Symposium that will take place next week. The display will have a uniquely huge 2560x1600 resolution and 300 dpi, which is close to the iPhone 4 Retina Display specs. According to the company, the PenTile technology used needs 40% less power to operate the display.

It is unlikely that Apple will use Samsung’s display for their iPad 3. One reason for this is lack of space, the iPad has a 9.7-inch screen, and Samsung’s display is 10.1-inch. That could change if the iPad 3 is made slightly bigger. Besides, the display has a double resolution, the iPad display has 1024x768 pixels and Apple has shunned the PenTile technology so far choosing to use the IPS technology ( in-plane switching) for its products.

Samsung has proved that big, high-resolution displays can be power efficient. Maybe Apple will use a Retina Display touchscreen for the iPad 3 after all. Rumours are that they had intended to use it in the iPad 2, but high costs and manufacturing constraints stopped them from doing so. Samsung’s new display could contribute to the introduction of a better iPad 3 display.

If Samsung decides to use their new display in the Galaxy Tab before Apple adopts a similar one for their iPad, then Samsung’s Galaxy Tab could become a stronger competitor for the iPad.