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Super-fast Broadband Finally Gets Numerical Value From UK Government

The UK government has finally specified what connection speeds can qualify as super-fast broadband.

Cultural Secretary Jeremy Hunt has revealed that connections offering speeds of 25 Mbps or above can qualify as super-fast broadband.

The definition was announced in an event for the Race Online 2012 campaign. Before this, the government had refrained from announcing what broadband speeds can be termed as super-fast.

The Department of Culture, Media and Sports also revealed that it hopes to bring super-fast broadband connection to 90 percent of British homes and businesses by 2015, while the remaining 10 percent will have broadband connections averaging speeds of at least 2 Mbps.

The government has set aside £530 million for local authorities to set up super-fast broadband networks in their areas. It, however, has not announced additional funds for the campaign. Local authorities will have to make do with the funds already set aside.

“If we press ahead with expansion of superfast capabilities, then we can put UK in the global fast-lane,” Hunt said.

“We have set aside the money and the expertise to make this happen. Now local authorities need to step up to the plate by bringing forward their own plans setting out how they will deliver this level of ambition,” he added.