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UK Retailers Report Customers Trading PS3 In For Xbox 360

The prolonged Sony PlayStation outage has started to do long term damage to the PS3, with several UK retailers reporting that the rate of PS3 trade-ins for Xbox 360 has risen.

According to an article on Edge, sources have revealed that the outage has resulted in frustrated customers trading in their PS3 consoles for cash or for Xbox 360 consoles. It is also having a negative impact on PS3 point card sales.

Edge sources also reveal that consumers are opting to buy the non-PS3 versions of multi-platform games. The outage has also affected the pre-orders for the gaming console.

“In the first week of downtime we did not really see any major change in sales or trades,” a store manager reluctant to reveal his identity told Edge.

“However from the second week onwards we have seen an increase of over 200 percent on PS3 consoles being traded in, split almost 50/50 between those trading for cash and those taking a 360 instead,” he added.

One source said that most people are trading in their PS3 consoles for Microsoft’s Xbox 360 console because they are unable to play games like Black Ops and Modern Warfare 2.