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Xbox 360 Update Will Support Improved Disc Format

A new leak from within Microsoft has revealed that the upcoming Xbox 360 system update is likely to be unveiled sometime this month. The leak also revealed that the system update will be compatible with the new disc format XGD3.

The revelation was made by Joystiq and it stated that the new disc format will bring along with it a 15% increase in the storage capacity, as well as a series of enhanced privacy protection measures.

It is also likely that in the future Xbox 360 titles will only be released in this new XGD3 format, possibly as soon as six months from now.

According to the leaked report published on Joystiq, the updates will be unveiled in six installments between May 19 and May 30, in order to “ensure a high quality deployment."

Avert Kinect is also expected to be launched in the same time frame, around May 27, though it won’t a part of these updates.

Apart from extending its support for the new disc format, the updates will also bring Paypal support to the console, offering a secure online shopping from the gaming platform.

Now is a good time for Microsoft to bolster their platform as its rival, the Sony PlayStation, continues to struggle to get its network running again. However, the gaming blog quoted Microsoft as saying, “We have nothing to announce.”