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Amazon servers implicated in Sony hack attack

A poorly-sourced yarn from Bloomberg claims that the hackers who broke into Sony's servers and made off with details of 100 million customers rented space on Amazon's Web Services cloud from which to launch the attack.

Bloomberg quotes "a person with knowledge of the matter" but fails to second-source the story. Neither Amazon nor Sony would confirm the facts of the matter. Amazon didn't immediately issue a denial so the story could have legs.

According to Bloomberg''s source the hackers rented a server through Amazon’s EC2 service using an assumed identity. The source says the server was the source of the attack.

Spookiy, Amazon's EC2 server reportedly crashed at around the time Sony said it was penetrated by an outside source, bringing down a host of well-known web sites in the process.

The possibilty that the hack was launched from Amazon's rented servers lends an additional layer of intrigue to the tale and certainly points to a pretty well organised and criminally minded band of miscreants - not the usual profile of an Anonymite.