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Anonymous Strikes Again, Websites Of Eidos And Deus Ex Compromised

An unknown group of hackers going collectively by the name Anonymous has recently claimed another set of victims. According to web security blog, KrebsOnSecurity video game publisher Eidos’ latest game: Deus Ex: Human Revolution’s home site has been compromised and the group of hackers managed to steal information of thousand of gamers registered on the site.

Apart from stealing user information the hackers also temporarily defaced the home page by putting a banner reading, ‘Owned by chippy1337’. The site itself was down for a few hours during the attack. Some Anonymous members going by the name ‘evo’, ‘nigga’, and ‘e’ were amongst the most prominent one which KrebsOnSecurity managed to obtain. According to ‘evo’ the group managed to steal personal information of around 80,000 users as well as 9,000 resumes from the Deus Ex website.

In a separate conversation threat ‘evo’ and ‘nigga’ also discussed about leaking the ‘src’ or source code for Deus Ex. According to KrebsOnSecurity an inside observer of the group’s action gave detailed information regarding how members like ‘evo’ and ‘nigga’ got 0 day information from one guy which helped them break into In the meantime the hackers also hinted about releasing all the stolen data on various file sharing networks which can cause serious privacy issue for most of the victims.