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BitTorrent Enhanced, Project Chrysalis Launched

Six month ago BitTorrent hinted about experimenting with their mainline filesharing client to give it a complete different new look and upgrade various features. Well, the wait is finally over as BitTorrent has announced the release of its enhanced filesharing client named Project Chrysalis which is currently in Beta. As mentioned by BitTorrent six month ago this new client is a complete new beginning and not just an improved version of the earlier client with UI overhaul and additional features.

This new version of the popular file sharing client introduces the concept of legal channel endorsement by content owners and also has the ability to transcode files for viewing on other media devices like TV, mobile, DVD, and set top box. According to a blog post by the BitTorrent team the primary objective of this new client is to make the download process much easier, intuitive, and streamlined without compromising on the power and sophistication currently enjoyed by the users.

The Personal content channel feature included in Project Chrysalis helps the user to share a large amount of files privately with other users. With this feature the user can send invitations to friends on Twitter and Facebook from where they can download and comment on the content. Project Chrysalis also did away with file size limitation and the user is also allowed to create as many channels they wish to make.