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Digital Usability, Study Reveals Sun Is The Worst

Popular British daily, The Sun, has been ranked as the worst in terms of user friendliness on digital distribution platforms like the internet, iPhone and iPad.

A study was conducted by Webcredible on the utilisation of the internet, iPhone and iPad platforms by national newspapers. The newspapers that were evaluated as a part of the study include the Guardian, Financial Times, Daily Telegraph, Times, Metro, Daily Mail, Daily Mirror, Independent and London Evening Standard, according to The Guardian.

The Sun was named the least user friendly user paper due to “poor utilisation of the platforms and low usability in particular for its iPad app and mobile site”. The daily was given the lowest score of 2 out of five.

Meanwhile, the Guardian, The Financial Times and the Telegraph received the maximum points of three or more in the Webcredible study.

"An unexpected finding was the limited cross-channel integration among the providers," said Trenton Moss, director at Webcredible.

"The underdevelopment of platforms is most evident with iPad apps where is seems like common design conventions, especially navigation, is making it difficult for users to familiarise with the apps."