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Fake Google Music Invites On The Prowl

Google Music, the recently announced free streaming service from Google has become a subject of excitement for many music lovers. Meanwhile thousands of Google users are waiting eagerly for getting a glimpse of this new service.

Google music beta is still a restricted service as you would require an invite from another person who is already a member.

The craze over Google Music is so much that online scammers have already begun eying to exploit this madness. Many online scammers are now trying to lure users into providing their personal information to get Google Music invitation to get started with the service.

If you get any email or text message from an unknown person or address asking you for your personal information in lieu of an invite, do not respond back or you are going to get into serious trouble.

As Google Music is currently in beta phase, the company has reserved membership option through invites only in the US. As a safety measure you can visit Google Music and request for an invite and if Google approves your request it will send an invitation to you for joining this new service. Once an invitation is being issues by Google, the service can be accessed by users with their Gmail login.