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Glyn Evans Appointed New President Of Socitm

Glyn Evans has been named as the new president of Socitm at a conference for public sector IT professionals.

According to The Guardian, Evans, who was previously the corporate director of business change at Birmingham city council, will replace Jos Creese.

Evans, who has worked in government IT departments for more than 30 years, will be primarily responsible for increasing Socitm membership, helping public service IT professionals manage austerity and ensuring the recognition and promotion of the role IT professionals can play in redefining and delivering public services.

The IT professional is familiar with the inner workings of Socitm, having headed the organisation’s Socitm Futures policy group.

“The list of examples demonstrating how IT can enable fundamental change is growing daily. IT across local public services is radically improving efficiency and effectiveness. Most importantly, public services can change people's lives for the better, and increasingly, IT plays a key part in that,” Evans said in a statement.

“After a lot of hard work, not least by Socitm, I think we are at or past the tipping point where organisations realise that IT is the enabler for delivery of their objectives,” he added.