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HTC Flyer Now Available From Talkmobile

After 3 Mobile, Talkmobile has announced that it will be selling the HTC Flyer on a two year contract for £25 per month with a £130 upfront cost.

While this is less than 3 Mobile's £169 per month, the latter is better value for money because it gives you 15GB per month rather than a puny 5GB.

Ironically, Talkmobile shot itself in the foot by selling the Motorola XOOM with unlimited data for the same price but with an upfront cost of £200 while the Samsung Galaxy Tab can be had from £99 per month on the unlimited bundle.

The Flyer's main selling points are its fast 1.5GHz system on chip, its HTC Scribe technology which is a digitizing stylus that allows handwriting entries directly on the screen, HTC Watch, a movie downloading service and its collaboration with OnLive which allows for games to be played on the tablet.

But as we noted here, the Flyer is too expensive for its own good, costing an extra £200 over and above the Samsung Galaxy Tab whilst not offering much in terms of added potential.

What's more, the Flyer uses Gingerbread which is not, by default, a tablet OS. In comparison, the Motorola XOOM, which costs the same as the Flyer, packs a bigger, higher resolution screen which is perfect for Android 3.0 Honeycomb.