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Samsung Cuts Pixel Count In New Galaxy Tab 10.1 Camera

Apart from the form factor, Samsung has altered at least one feature in the Galaxy Tab 10.1 since it was launched back in February, something that confirms a trend that the electronics manufacturer has extended to the Samsung Galaxy S II.

T3 reports that the camera in the new Tab 10.1 is a three-megapixel model, rather than the original eight-megapixel one and suggests that Samsung might have been forced to make that choice in order to accommodate the substantial reduction in thickness.

(ed : there are actually two versions of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, with the original version carrying the moniker 10.1v and confirmed for sale at Vodafone UK).

Another possible explanation is that Samsung did not want to jump too far ahead of the iPad 2 which only has a 1-megapixel camera, just enough to be called HD-ready.

Why choose an eight-megapixel camera when a cheaper three megapixel will be enough to beat the main competitor anyway.

The sudden change in specification means that retailers - like Clove or Handtec - have yet to change their specification page which means that those who preorder might get a nasty surprise.

Samsung has also changed the hardware specs for the Samsung Galaxy S2, bumping the processor speed to 1.2GHz and removing near field communication capabilities from the initial model, possibly to cut down on cost. It is likely that a new, upgraded version of the S2 will be launched once the iPhone 5 is rolled out.