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Sony Online Entertainment To Offer Free Goodies And Gameplay As Compensation

Following the breach of Sony Online Entertainment network during April this year, Sony has taken extreme steps to garner users trust by announcing special compensation packages to all its subscribers. In a recent blog post published on the official Company website, Sony deeply regretted about the security breach that compromised more than 24 million accounts. According to the blog post, Sony mentioned that it cannot recover the original data of the user but will instead compensate its subscribers with a lot of free stuffs.

According to Sony, all affected users will be given 30 days of additional game time added to their current billing cycle. Additionally users will also receive a free day of service for each day the system remains down. Moreover, Sony has also stated that all SOE subscribers will receive the same level of identity protection service as received by PlayStation Network users. Apart from this, the company also has a lot of other goodies lined up for every game running on the network which includes providing special gears and items.

Some of the games covered in this list includes: DC Universe Online, Free Realms, Clone Wars Adventures, EverQuest, PoxNora and much more. In the meantime PSN users are waiting for the online service to return after Sony took it down one month back. According to Sony the service will remain offline for a few more days.