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Website Leaks Modern Warfare 3 Details

Though publisher Activision has not yet confirmed any official details regarding the release of their much awaited game, Modern Warfare 3; video gaming website Kotaku has already spilled the beans on this game by releasing various details about this much anticipated game. According to Kotaku the game is set to release on November 8, 2011 which is subject to confirmation.

Kotaku has incidentally come out with details on 20 multiplayer maps along with 12 co-operative maps, and 14 campaign location. Various locations set in the game include western cities like New York, London along with Paris, and Berlin. Apart from these the player will also be taken to Kremlin, Mogadishu in Africa, and Dharmasala in India with close ties to Tibet. According to Kotaku Editor-in-chief Brian Crecente the final content of the game could be altered or completely cut before the game sees its final release.

According to Kotaku, the single player game will feature 15 different missions and the story will wrap up most unanswered questions from the earlier modern warfare titles and will also reveal the characters fate. Meanwhile, Kotaku hasn’t identified the sources from where they got this information. Apart from this rumours are also floating about Modern Warfare’s traditional rival Battlefield is all set to release their next title Battlefield 3 to compete with Modern Warfare 3.