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Amazon To Pitch Android Devices Against iPad 2, iPhone 5 & iPod Touch?

Online retailer Amazon may release an "entire family" of Android devices by this holiday shopping season, an industry insider told tech website androidandme.

The insider, according to androidandme, has direct knowledge of the project and has been cross checked with other third parties.

Although the term "entire family" is vague, it could mean having a tablet, a media player and a phone (and potentially a set top box and an ultra portable laptop) as part of Amazon's lineup for this Christmas.

Samsung, and to a lesser extent Sony, have both emulated Apple by releasing tablets, phones and media players that can take on Apple's iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch respectively.

However, while they're a match when it comes to hardware, the software and online services aspects still lag behind. Amazon though could be a tougher cookie for Apple as it already has an established user base and the fact that it has launched its dedicated Android App Store proves that it doesn't want to be a secondary player.

While it is too early to think about what Amazon might be up to, the fact that the Kindle is a roaring success already and the retailer has the parts (Audible, App Store, Ebook, Video, Music) ready means that it could become Apple's fiercest competitor yet.