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Amazon's Ad-Supported Kindle Tops Its Electronics Bestseller's List

Amazon’s new ad supported Kindle e-reader has become the top selling electronic device on its online retail platform.

As usual, the company did not divulge the exact sales figures of the $114 e-reader, but it is now on top of Amazon’s list (opens in new tab) of best-selling electronics.

The ad-supported Kindle is followed by the Kindle Wi-Fi graphite, which is available for $139, in second place. On the third spot is the Kindle 3G, followed by the fourth generation iPod Touch 8GB and 32GB models at the fourth and fifth spot respectively.

The chart seems to indicate that users don’t mind advertisements on their e-reader device provided that they are cheaply priced. Kindle is Amazon’s most successful product in history and the company is expected to generate $5 billion in revenue from its Kindle division this year.

Amazon has lately made significant price cuts in its e-reader devices. Some analysts have predicted that the Kindle will eventually drop below $100 and that Amazon could release a full-fledged media tablet to compete with the Apple iPad.

Rumors of a futre Amazon tablet started again when the online retailer opened its own Android application store, as well as music storage and streaming services for Android devices, all key resources for supporting a media tablet.