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Asda gets into the scrap mobile business

Supermarket chain Asda has announced that it's getting into the scrap mobile business.

Anyone who spends any time watching daytime TV will know that, if you've had an accident that's not your fault, or you have gold jewellery items you no longer need, or an old mobile sitting in a drawer... there's cash to be had out there.

The folks at Asda have obviously sat through the same and have decided to cut out both the student-bothering adverts and the whole arse-ache of posting the damned thing off in a plastic bag for the sake of a couple of quid, by allowing users to drop off their junk gadgets in store.

Asda reckons there are at least 35 million of unloved mobiles out there just waiting to be re-used, repaired or recycled and says they could be worth as much as £700 million.

The Wal Mart-owned supermarket also says it's keen to get its hands on the 11 million unused digital cameras, nine million old PCs, 5.5 million abandoned laptops, 12 million outdated games consoles and one million lost satnavs cluttering up the UK's homes.

You can trade in portable gadgets at any Asda from today, and the bigger stuff will get a look-in from June.

The company is promising to beat any offer made by Mazuma, Envirofone, Tesco, Sainsbury's or Boots - which could well lead to a bit of a price war.

We've had a look at all of the stuff we have laying around the office and we came up with an iPhone 4 worth £309.03 at one end of the spectrum and a Palm Treo 50 for £2.01 at the other. There must be gold in them thar Palms because they'll even give you a quid for it if it's broken.

Asda says gadgets it can fix will be sent to other parts of the world like China, Africa, Pakistan and India. Anything beyond repair will have precious metals like gold and silver removed, and the plastic parts will be melted down to make stuff like traffic cones.