First Notebooks Now Desktops, HP Announces New Line Up

HP has unveiled its new three-PC desktop line up, barely a week after the much anticipated launch of its new netbooks and notebooks targeted at consumer and business users.

These latest offerings by the Palo Atlo, California based tech giant include the Slimline s5, an entry level model, mid-ranged HP Pavilion p7 as well as the HP Pavilion HPE h8.

All these models bring along with them renovated looks and a whole bunch of new, improved features that the company says has been designed in order to "match the style and preferences of today's consumer.”

These new models come in two variants-one with the Intel Sandy Bridge processor, while the other with AMD Phenom processors - users can pick whichever they desire to go for.

The makeover description, as put forward by the company was initially taken for just a marketing hype by many analysts, but when they finally did appear, very few left unimpressed by the renovated, clean designs.

HP’s renovation efforts however, were not limited only to the designs. The company has also included a new feature named LinkUp in all of the three offerings. The LinkUp feature, according to the company, will allow users to “draw down” any file from these desktops to a laptop, provided they are using the same wireless network.