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Gamers gear up as PSN hiccoughs back into life

Twitchy-fingered gamers are hopeful of a fix this morning as Sony's Playstation Network goes through the fits and starts of a re-boot.

But as the servers around the world are kicked into life, the fits and starts of the process are getting some disgruntled users into a right two-and-eight.

"Please bear with us as we continue working on restoration. We are experiencing extremely heavy traffic," twitted Sony on its EU thread.

Other Twitterers were spluttering in exasperation as their access to the Network came and went intermittently.

One Sony twit was so put-upon his spelling went out the window: "We're expereiencing a heavy load of password resets and will be turning off the services for 30 minutes to clear the queue," he spluttered further sending gamers into paroxysms of anguish.

Finally early this morning UK gamers wer back shooting each other up.

"The UK, Ireland and the Middle East are all now back online. Other countries to follow soon," said Sony at 12:39 this morning.

Still hanging gameless were Japanese players, waiting for the official OK, before Sony would once again be trusted on the Japanese Interweb.

Over the weekend it emerged that hackers rented a server from Amazon for the attack which exposed the details of up to 100 million users, and leaked some credit card account details too.

The country-by-country restoration of PSN services is scheduled to be complete by May 31, Sony has said..

Japanese games maker Square Enix said on Saturday that hackers had snaffled up to 25,000 customer e-mail addresses from its holed servers, as well as a much of job-seekers' CVs.