HP Labs Step Closer To Artificial Intelligence, Memristor May Be The Missing Link

Researchers over at HP Labs have inched closer to finding the inner workings of the Memristors, which is touted as a future replacement of Flash drives.

Like the Neurons in the brain, the Memristors ‘remember’ the amount of electric current has passed through the electronic device. This component, touted as the missing link of electronics, will help create minuscule storage devices within an electronic device.

The researchers, using X-Rays, were for the first time able to study the nanoscale of the Memristors. They were able to study the heat signature in the Memristors as the current passed through them.

As reported by BBC News, the first working prototype of the Memristor was developed by HP in 2008.

“One of the biggest hurdles in using these devices is understanding how they work: the microscopic picture for how they undergo such tremendous and reversible change in resistance," says John Paul Strachan of the nanoElectronics Research Group at HP Labs, said in a statement.

“We now have a direct picture for the thermal profile that is highly localized around this channel during electrical operation, and is likely to play a large role in accelerating the physics driving the memristive behaviour,” he added.