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iPhone 5 With Decreased Processor Speed To Increase Battery Lifespan?

Apple is allegedly going to include an A5 processor in the iPhone 5, which we think will come out in September.

Aaron Vronko, an iPhone expert and CEO of Rapid Repair, thinks that Apple could throttle down (opens in new tab) the A5. "There's more power than they need. I wouldn't be surprised if they took it down to 800Mhz or 900Mhz, just to extend the battery," he commented.

Vronko also thinks, prior to packing the A5 processor, Apple will have to bring out some high-powered apps. "There aren't really any applications that have exhausted the current hardware. Apple is the guardian of processor cycles, and with their minimalist APIs, the software hasn't moved up to challenge the hardware," he added.

We can almost be sure that the A5 processor will be inbuilt in the iPhone 5, especially if we look at last year, when Apple put the A4 processor into the first iPad and some months after that they incorporated it into the iPhone 4 as well. Now, the iPad 2 has the A5 processor, so it’s safe to assume that iPhone 5 will also sport it.

Even if Apple hadn’t intended to include the A5 processor, they will be under more pressure to, as Samsung Galaxy SII, the iPhone’s most “complete” rival, already has increased its power.

Radu Tyrsina
Radu Tyrsina

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