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Jailbreakers Looking To Profit From The iPad 2

Apple’s iPad 2 is expected to become more popular than its predecessor, and jailbreak developers are looking for ways to cash-in on it.

The device remains the only Apple product that is yet to receive a jailbreak. A jailbreak hack allows users more control over the device, letting them install third party software on an iOS device.

An iPad 2 jailbreak was shown off by Comex in the first week of the device’s launch but it is yet to be released for the public. Another developer, i0n1c is also expected to release a jailbreak tool for the device.

However, according to an article on Gizmo Crunch, the developer is looking to charge people for the jailbreak, something which is unheard off in the jailbreaking circles.

“After a few years of bug killing everyone will realize that is is nonsense to give out bugs for free,” a tweet from the developer read.

Jailbreak enthusiasts, accustomed to receiving free jailbreaks, will be disappointed to know that the highly awaited jailbreak might come with a price tag.

A second tweet from the developer, however, seemed to indicate that the jailbreak will be available in either a free or paid version when it is launched.