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Japanese Government Blocks Sony PSN Until Further Notice

Japan is set to miss out on the relaunch of the Playstation Network (PSN) service as the government confirmed that it won't yet allow Sony to launch the online gaming service in the country, because of fears that its security breaches haven't been properly dealt with.

Kazushige Nobutani, Japan's director of media and content in the country's Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry, told the Dow Jones Newswires, "As of May 13, Sony was incomplete in exercising measures that they said they will do on the May 1 press conference".

Sony confirmed that it restarted its Playstation Network Service on Saturday with the service resuming for customers in Europe, America, New Zealand, Australia and the Middle East. Other countries, most notably those in Asia, are likely to receive it towards the end of the month.

In an official statement, the company said that it had "made considerable enhancements" to the data security of its numerous online services which include Playstation Network, Qriocity and Sony Online Entertainment.

These improvements include updating and adding advanced security technologies, additional software monitoring and penetration and vulnerability testing; and increased levels of encryption and additional firewalls. The company also announced earlier that it would be appointing a Chief Security Officer.

Note that the 13th of May was four days ago for Japan as the country is eight hours ahead of the UK, which means that Sony may have already sorted out its issues but hasn't yet received the green light from the Japanese authorities. To read through the complete coverage of the PSN debacle, click here.