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Leak Suggests Edge-to-Edge iPhone 5 Screen

According to a global trade website from China, the iPhone 5 could bring users a couple of surprises. It is suggested that iPhone 5 could incorporate an edge-to-edge display and a new rear flash location.

Kulcase, a manufacturer from Guangdong has made a case, based on supposed design plans that have leaked from Apple. The case is available for bulk orders from

Leaks of Apple product design plans have occurred before from manufacturing companies within China. In fact, at the beginning of 2011 it was reported that some Foxconn employees had been arrested for giving iPad plans to accessory manufacturers. The Taiwanese company Foxconn is responsible for manufacturing a large series of Apple products.

These rumours could hold some truth, as an engineering draft showing a larger screen was also leaked in March in a report on AppleInsider.

It has been known that third party manufacturers have begun production relying on leaked information and rumours, only to find out to their surprise that Apple made some changes at the eleventh hour.

Alibaba is offering iPhone 5 cases to those who are willing to take the chance, if you order a minimum amount of 1000 cases you can buy each for just 10-20 cents!?