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New "iPhone 4S" To Be Launched On T-Mobile And Sprint?

Peter Misek, an analyst for Jefferies & Co, has released a research note suggesting that the new iPhone will not incorporate 4G LTE support. In other words, connection capabilities have not been improved. Misek suggests that Apple has tried a Qualcomm chipset to enable LTE, but the chip was not strong enough to perform the task.

Almost a year has passed since iPhone 4 was released, Misek thinks it is unlikely that iPhone 5 with LTE will be launched in September. The analyst says that according to industry checks, the new device should bear the name “iPhone 4S” and incorporate some cosmetic changes, an A5 dual-processor, a better camera and HSPA+ support.

An important suggestion from Misek is that Apple is aiming at expanding their carrier lineup for the iPhone. He believes, based on his industry checks that Apple is planning to launch the iPhone on Sprint and T-Mobile around the holidays. T-Mobile is still a separate company although AT&T is currently trying to purchase it.

The exact date for the launching of Apple’s next device is still unknown. We reported back in April 2011 that iPhone 4S or iPhone 5 could be released in September. According to other rumours, the next iPhone could be available later nearer the holidays.

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