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New Microsoft Product For The Public Sector Will Debut In Redmond

Microsoft is partnering with Tyler Technologies to help Redmond city adopt its new platform, Microsoft Dynamics 2012 AX for the Public Sector.

Redmond, where Microsoft is headquartered, will become the first city in the world to use the new software, Seattle PI reports. The software has been in development for the past two years.

The city’s mayor, John Marchione, said that the city will use the new Microsoft software for payroll expenses, accounting and purchasing purposes. The software has been designed to allow public sector employees to work more efficiently.

"As mayor, I wanted to upgrade the city's technology, and I wanted to partner with Microsoft because they're right in our own backyard," said Marchione in a statement.

The software has been a collaborative effort between Microsoft, Tyler Technologies and the municipal employees of Redmond. The employees have been submitting their feedback so that Microsoft can tailor the software to their needs.

The software, which is expected to go live on July 2, was previewed at an event at City Hall. The event was attended by the mayor, Microsoft representatives and representatives of the public sector who had helped shape the software.