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Nvidia Redesigns GeForce GTX 590, Will Launch New Model In June

(ed : An Nvidia spokesperson told us “NVIDIA regularly adds alternate source components to products as part of normal supply chain management, but there is no new GeForce GTX 590 board design as rumoured. All GeForce GTX 590 graphics cards run great as originally designed.”)

Chip maker Nvidia is planning to launch a revised model of their problematic dual-chip GeForce GTX 590 graphics card, according to a new media report.

The report, published on the VR-Zone (opens in new tab)website, also claimed that the new version of the GTX590 is likely to be more “overclockable" than the previous one.

The earlier version of the GTX590, as reported by many users and analysts, was facing a serious glitch where the card would literally go up in smoke during benchmark testing, effectively destroying the graphics card.

But if this new report is accurate, Nvidia has resolved the issue by adding new inductors on the card.

The new inductors are slightly larger than the old ones,meaning the new graphics card will require a change in the base-plate as well. There could be the need to adjust other hardware components as well.

There are only a limited number of the remodeled graphics card currently available on the market for now, but the with the improved overclocking the card is likely to be popular among serious gamers and Nvidia is expected to make them generally available in June.

With any luck the new card will also patch up the damage done to Nvidia's reputation in the eyes of hard-core gamers.