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Pervasive Video ; Operate On A Global Scale

Telecommunications technology and virtual offices have made it easier than ever for companies to operate in a global landscape. Whilst this is great news in terms of enabling businesses to operate on a global scale, it also presents a series of complex challenges.

Working globally has made face-to-face meetings more complicated, with employees often needing to travel across countries and continents to get together.

Extensive travelling represents significant costs to businesses, both in terms of the time it takes to get to the meeting and the cost of getting there.

Yet the pace of business will only get faster and companies need to be able to speedily and cost effectively communicate with clients, colleagues and potential employees regardless of location.

As teams and customers become more globally dispersed, it is not always going to be possible or affordable to meet face-to-face.

Furthermore, events that have happened over the last couple of years such as Iceland’s volcanic ash cloud and heavy snow fall are all symptoms of the changing environment that we live and work in, causing severely disrupted international and domestic travel, and in some cases making travelling impossible.

Planning for these types of eventualities is becoming even more business critical to companies working in multiple locations.

We believe that video conferencing is the ideal way to reach out to customers, colleagues and partners without the need to travel. ‘Meeting’ via video provides a low cost, high quality and easy-to-use solution for companies of all sizes.