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Report Reveals Microsoft And Baidu Deal To Close Soon

The proposed deal between Microsoft Corp. and Baidu Inc., a Chinese web service company is just on the verge of being finalised, a new report revealed.

According to analysts, the move could come as big boost for the Redmond, Washington based software juggernaut’s Bing brand in the global search arena.

Baidu is a key stake holder of the search market in China, and enjoys a significant lead over Microsoft’s arch-rival Google - a fact that seems to be the very foundation of the two companies joining forces.

The terms of the deal however, are yet to be disclosed. But word on the streets is that Baidu is likely to take over the Chinese edition of Bing, and at the same time, Bing search results will be used in the English version of Baidu.

Although Microsoft is yet to officially announce the deal, Kaiser Kuo, a spokesperson at Baidu reportedly said “We’ll be making an announcement soon about this”.

However, if these reports are to be believed, the deal will take place at a crucial juncture when fingers have been raised throughout the country, as well as all over the world regarding the PRC government’s policies regarding the search-market inside their country.