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Samsung Begins Offering 3D Content For Its 3D LED Television

Samsung has released a free 3D TV service for the owners of its 3D-compatible television sets.

The service, which is available over the web, currently offers limited content but the company plans to add more content over the course of this year.

The company’s vice president of UK consumer electronics, Andy Griffiths, told The Telegraph that while the company was not a broadcaster, and has no apparent aims to seriously intentions to create its own shows, the lack of 3D content available to consumers had to be dealt with.

The service features trailers of a few 3D movies along with lifestyle documentaries, including automotive shows made by certain car makers. The company plans to expand the number of offerings on the free service during the course of this year.

“The demand for 3D is growing rapidly, but only a handful of channels are providing content. Samsung has led the 3D LED TV market since it launched last year, and the roll-out of our 3D video-on-demand service demonstrates our commitment to accelerating its growth,” said Griffiths.

The company is moving rapidly into the domain of online content and dedicated TV apps that give access to popular video on demand services like the BBC iPlayer and Netflix.