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Sony says PSN is back in business - nearly

We've been seeing signs of Sony's embattled PlayStation Network getting a reboot for a couple of days now but, a few moments ago we received official word from Sony that at least part of the company's online gaming infrastructure was up and running.

Japanese officials have told Sony it can't switch the servers back on until they're sure the company has done enough to prevent another attack, but fun-starved gamers in the USA and Europe have been given a green light to get back online.

The full missive from the Japanese electronics giant reads:

Dear PlayStation Network user:

So Sony is saying, if you don't upgrade your firmware you're not coming in, and if you don't change your password you're not coming in. Which seems to us like the kind of attitude that started this whole sorry mess in the first place.

There's no indication as yet of what the 'free games' on offer might be, but you can bet your last penny it won't be anything Sony could have made money out of in different circumstances, so don't hold your breath for anything worthwhile.