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Sony Reopens PlayStation Network And Qriocity In Most Of The World

After week’s of waiting, Sony’s PlayStation Network and Qriocity entertainment services have finally returned, at least in some places.

The service disruption was caused by a massive attack on Sony’s servers last month that left almost 102 million users’ personal details like names, addresses and credit card details exposed to hackers.

Following this breach, Sony came under severe criticism, primarily because the company waited “unnecessarily” for almost a week in notifying the affected customers.

The console giant announced on Saturday that Sony Online Entertainment and the PlayStation Network are being brought back into the action in America, Australia, New Zealand, Europe as well as in the Mideast. Users from Japan and the rests of Asia will have to wait longer before they can resume accessing these services.

"Sony not only has to take technological steps to fix its security, but it also has to communicate what it has done," said Marc Rudov, a branding consultant based in Silicon Valley, to The Wall Street Journal.

"They need to over-secure the network and over-communicate what they've done," he added.

But even if Sony has completely fixed its network's security, it's not clear what steps it will take to repair its reputation among gamers and game developers, both of whom have begun turning their focus to other platforms.