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Taiwan Semiconductor Will Delay FinFet Technology Until 14nm Process Goes Live

Taiwan Semiconductor has announced that its plans to catch up with rival Intel's Tri-gate transistor technology will not happen until 14nm fabrication technology becomes mainstream, according to thinq_

FinFet, which is similar to Intel's recently announced technology which the chip giant will change the way we build chips forever, was developed by researchers at Berkeley and first announced way back in 2002, but will not be offered to the foundry's many customers any time soon.

A TSMC spokeswoman rather said, "We are working on FinFET at 20nm and will offer that to our customers starting with 14nm," adding a rather terse, "We do not plan to say any more to the public regarding FinFET."

TSMC has already demonstrated multi-gate 25nm transistors which operated at just 0.7 volts but the technology failed to make it into any commercial products and now it looks like Intel's boast that it would take the competition three years to catch up with its own 28nm process may be a reality.

So far, no other major foundry has announced an impending FinFET product or anything comparable. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.