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UK Company Accused Of Illegally Dumping e-Waste In West Africa

A new environmental report has revealed that UK’s electronic waste is being illegally dumped in West Africa.

According to an article on The Ecologist, an investigation carried out by the Environmental Investigation Agency and BBC Panorama revealed that a leading UK based waste and recyle company is shipping e-waste to developing African nations.

The investigation, which will air as a program on BBC Panorama, found that Environment Waste Controls (EWC) has been selling broken television sets to a third party company that is shipping the waster, most of which is toxic, to Nigeria and Ghana. The investigation went on for 18 months.

Under the Waste Electrical and Electronic (WEEE) Resources Regulations 2006, companies need to test the e-waste before it is shipped.

The EWC claims that it was not aware that the e-waste was being illegally shipped to African nations and has taken steps to ensure that something like this does not happen in the future.

“This is unacceptable and EWC has put in place measures to prevent a reoccurrence of this practice and to undertake a full investigation in cooperation with the regulator and relevant authorities. We have instructed all our sub contractors that no electronic equipment deposited at designated collection facilities operated by EWC should leave the UK until further notice,” the EWC said in a statement.