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UK Copyright Laws Being Revamped, Digital Rights Exchange Planned

Leaked changes to UK’s copyright laws indicate that the government is planning to set up a digital rights exchange, allowing media companies to easily license content from rights holders.

According to a report on The Financial Times, a review of UK’s intellectual property is being conducted by Professor Ian Hargreaves after the PM called for a revamp of the country’s copyright law.

PM David Cameron had reportedly said that UK’s IP laws were rigid with start-ups having difficulties in setting up shop in the country. He also said that Google’s founders had told him that would have never been able to start the company in the UK.

Hargreaves report is expected to be published later this week. The report, which was procured by the FT, claims that copyright holders will benefit from a digital rights exchange as their will be much for visible to interested parties.

“The prize is to build on the UK’s current competitive advantage in creative content to become a leader in licensing services for global content markets; in short to make the UK the best place in the world to do business in digital content,” the Hargreaves report will say.

The report also suggests changes in the UK copyright laws in order to make bring them up to par with consumer behaviour.