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UK Treasury Under Constant Cyber Attacks, Osborne Reveals

UK Chancellor George Osborne has revealed that the Treasury is daily targeted with sustained cyber attacks mounted by foreign intelligence agencies.

Osbourne highlighted the grave cyber security threat the UK is facing, informing that the UK Treasury is targeted with malicious emails and programs designed to steal information on a daily basis.

The Chancellor said that in 2010 ‘hostile intelligence agencies made hundreds of serious and pre-planned attempts to break into the Treasury's computer system’, The Guardian revealed.

Speaking during Google’s Zeitgeist conference, Osbourne revealed that the UK Treasury was the most targeted agency in the UK government.

Giving an example of a malicious email attack against the UK Treasury, Osbourne said “At some point last year, a perfectly legitimate G20-related email was sent to HM Treasury and some other international partners. Within minutes it appeared that the email had been re-sent to the same distribution list”.

“In fact, in the second email the legitimate attachment had been swapped for a file containing malicious code. To the recipient it would have simply looked like the attachment had been sent twice,” he added.

He also emphasised that the nation’s cyber security was of utmost importance to the government and a lot was being done to strengthen it.