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Why Is Samsung Launching A Free 3D TV Service Now?

Samsung's UK consumer electronics vice president told the Daily Telegraph in a statement, that while demand for 3D has been growing rapidly, only a handful of channels (and content providers) have dished out 3D content that can take full advantage of the technology.

Clearly, Samsung seems to think that it needs to act faster in order to make sure that 3D doesn't rank, next to Betamax and HD-DVD, as an expensive fad. While it is true that there are not enough 3D video on demand services around, Samsung's limited plans are unlikely to change that.

The electronics giant said that it doesn't want to be a broadcaster but that owners of 3D televisions were frustrated that there was not enough 3D content around.

Even with Samsung's push, the 3D content available for free remains shallow at best; 3D demos of cars, movie trailers and other lifestyle documentaries are on the deck, but short of Samsung financing the production of 3D material, it's unlikely that the quality of 3D content pushed over Samsung's 3D channel will improve markedly.

In the meantime, the price of 3D hardware is dropping and interestingly Samsung's 43-inch PS43D490 is currently the cheapest 3D television in the UK (albeit a HD ready model based on the less sexy Plasma technology) at less than £500.