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Will We Have To Pay For iPad 2 Jailbreak Tool?

Recent tweets from certain hackers suggest that the iPad 2 jailbreak might not come free of charge, according to a report on tech website TFTS, although this allegation has yet to be confirmed.

Apple has managed to repair the security faults that allowed users to jailbreak their products and the result is that the iPad 2 is the only iDevice that cannot be jailbroken at the moment.

Just two days after iPad 2 was released, the hacker Comex did manage to jailbreak it, but his solution is not available for the masses. The rumours are that the iPhone Dev Team and also Geohot are currently trying to create a public jailbreaking tool for iPad 2.

i0n1c, a hacker currently working on jailbreaking the iPad 2 has suggested in a tweet that the jailbreak tool might cost money. No clue is available as to the price for such a tool yet. According to the hacker’s tweet, the iPad jailbreak tool might bear the name „Elevator”.

It is still a mystery whether hackers currently working on the iPad2 jailbreaking will launch their jailbreaking tool before or after iOS 5 and iPhone 5 have been released. I am sure many users hope that the tool will be available as soon as the hackers have created it and that it will be free of charge.