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Amazon iPad 2 Rivals To Be Called Coyote & Hollywood

Online retailer Amazon is likely to launch an entry level tablet codenamed Coyote which will be based on the Nvidia Tegra 2 before the end of the year with another, much more powerful one, coming later in 2011 and bearing the moniker Hollywood.

BGR's Jonathan Geller says that the latter will come with a quad core system on chip, the Nvidia T30 “Kal-El” which promises speed improvements on the Tegra 2 of up to 500 per cent.

Although neither the software platform to be used nor the screen sizes have been revealed, it is more than likely that Amazon will launch a family of products based on Android, which implies a number of screen sizes.

We believe that Amazon will deliver a compelling range of products to match Apple's, with four devices like a media player, a smartphone, a tablet and a media center, corresponding to Apple's iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad and Apple TV respectively.

Amazon has been quietly assembling all the pieces necessary to take on Apple in the consumer electronics market, despite the fact that both companies are still strategic partners.

On top of the ebooks and video on demand (with the purchase of Netflix), Amazon also has music, mobile application, desktop applications and one of the best cloud computing infrastructures in the world.